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Social Contribution

Realizing a Better Society Under the
Corporate Citizenship Management Ideology

Under the 'corporate citizenship' management ideology of the POSCO Group, eNtoB is at the forefront of addressing societal issues and implementing a better society.

We present the social contribution activities that eNtoB practices.

Global Examplar Citizen Week

This particular week of volunteer activities, in which the employees of POSCO Group, members of the corporate citizen, have united to practice sharing within the local community, has been ongoing since 2010.

Sister Organization Collaboration Project

Since signing a sisterhood agreement with Yeoksam Senior Welfare Center and Nuribom Together Growth Center in 2010, we have been deploying social contribution activities to solve community issues.

Good Friends Talent Volunteer Group

We lead the internalization of corporate citizenship and the spread of sharing culture through operating a talent volunteer group utilizing our employees' individual talents and capabilities.

Social Contribution Participation Campaign

To internalize good corporate citizenship, we actively engage in social contribution campaigns that can easily and conveniently participate in everyday life, such as the Good Walking Campaign, Easy Market, and Corporate Citizenship Challenge.