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Towards a sustainable supply chain
Adding value to the world.

We aim to leap forward as an eco-friendly future industry procurement specialist by establishing a sustainable supply chain.

eNtoB pursues to be a “procurement specialist company for eco-friendly future industries that adds value to the world through a sustainable supply chain.”
We aspire to move towards sustainable management while growing with various stakeholders.

Our Management Vision

POSCO stands by the philosophy of ‘Corporate Citizenship: Building a Better Future Together.’
As an integral part of society, POSCO aims for collective advancement with a myriad of stakeholders, including employees, shareholders, customers, suppliers, partners, and the local community, underscoring the values of mutual respect, coexistence, and shared prosperity.

Our Management Vision

To visually embody 'With', which symbolizes Corporate Citizenship: Building a Better Future Together, the letter 'W' is depicted as two individuals joining hands, indicating continuous empathic unity. The warm hue of orange captures the positive energy inherent in collective growth.

Areas of Activity

In building win-win relationships with our business partners, we aim to construct a robust industrial ecosystem.
As members of the social collective, we are committed to actively addressing social challenges, moving beyond merely generating economic returns. Through fostering a culture of trust and creativity, we strive to be a company where employees feel rewarded and content.

Ideal Talent Profile

As constituents of POSCO, a responsible corporate citizen, our team members aim to create synergies through collaborative efforts rooted in a consciousness of 'action.' With a mindset of humility and respect, they know the value of 'consideration.'
Our ideal talent embodies 'creativity,' bringing forward groundbreaking ideas through adaptable thinking and an enduring commitment to learning.

Code of Conduct

Our goal is to embody the principles of emphasizing substance, prioritizing execution, and pursuing practical benefits.
By focusing on the tangible over the formal, valuing action over mere reporting, and seeking tangible gains over theoretical rationales, we strive to actualize value-driven management, cooperative prosperity, and an innovation-focused approach to business.

Core Values

The core values of POSCO encompass 'Safety', 'Co-prosperity', 'Ethics', and 'Creativity'.
'Safety' underscores the prioritization of human dignity and is manifested through a culture of leading by example in adopting safety-first actions.
'Co-prosperity' signifies the commitment to practicing empathy and sharing, fostering mutual growth, and facilitating sustainable collective growth through the creation of societal value.
'Ethics' denotes the pursuit of integrity, founded on reciprocal trust among society's members, and the adherence to the principle of rewarding merit and deterring misconduct.
'Creativity' promotes open-mindedness and the proactive resolution of challenges through cooperative and collaborative engagements.

POSCO's Management Philosophy Diagram