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Announcement of the 23rd Financial Settlement

As of December 31, 2022

Unit: KRW


Current Assets 177,495,464,480
Cash and Cash Equivalents 27,900,322,904
Trade Accounts and Notes Receivable 131,761,540,053
Other Receivables 17,597,573,578
Other Current Assets 147,392,520
Inventory Assets 88,635,425
Non-Current Assets 15,162,325,129
Long-Term Other Receivables 1,621,562,400
Stocks of Subsidiary Companies 9,329,810,403
Deferred Corporate Income Tax Assets 2,816,279,826
Defined Benefit Assets 197,866,890
Tangible Assets 178,802,536
Investment Property 1,018,003,074

Total Assets 192,657,789,609


Current Liabilities 123,221,381,313
Trade Payable 118,367,599,797
Other Payables 1,697,491,066
Current Financial Liabilities 646,637,535
Current Corporate Income Tax Liabilities 1,376,580,356
Other Current Liabilities 1,133,072,559
Non-Current Liabilities 4,791,032,000
Other financial liabilities 20,000,000
long-term lease liabilities 3,829,592,291
Other Non-Current Liabilities 73,451,599
Provisions 867,988,110
Defined benefit liability

Total Liabilities 128,012,413,313


Share Capital 16,000,000,000
Capital Surplus 48,645,376,296

Total Equity 64,645,376,296

Total equity and liabilities 192,657,789,609

Notice as above.

March 20, 2023

eNtoB Co., Ltd.

CEO Lee Yoo-kyung

Appreciation opinion : In our opinion, the Company's financial statements fairly present financial performance and cash flows for the reporting period ending the same as NTOB's current financial position as of December 31, 2022, in terms of importance, in accordance with IFRS.

Kim Kyo-tae, CEO of Samjeong Accounting Corporation