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Business Areas

MRO Business

  • · MRO material purchase agency
  • · Procurement-process consulting
  • · Export/Import agency services
  • · Specialized malls (R&D mall, Welfare mall)

Logistics Services

  • · MRO material delivery service
  • · Inventory operation support (VMI)
  • · Product search system support
  • · WMS / Fulfillment Center construction

Circular resources

  • · Circular resource distribution
  • · Development of alternative products utilizing circular resources
  • · Group by-product recycling

Sustainable Management

We practice our Corporate Citizenship Representative Initiatives (SBSD) for sustainable procurement.

We take the lead in solving social issues and realizing a better society.

  • Social Bridge

    Good Friends Program, Safe Together

  • Save Tomorrow

    Waste fishing net recycling project, Carbon reduction activities

  • Buy Social

    Supply chain ESG management support, Trading with socially-friendly companies

  • Do Dream

    Do Dream support projects

  • Global Exemplar Citizen Week

    A special week of volunteer activities by POSCO Group employees

  • Sisterhood Institution Collaboration Project

    Resolving community issues

  • Good Friends Talent Volunteer Team

    Employee volunteer work

  • Engaging Social Contribution Campaign

    Engaging campaigns in everyday life


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